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Doctor Who London Tour [Unofficial] Customer Reviews

“Doctor Who tour September 2016”
4 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 16 November 2016
My auntie brought this tour for my dad as a christmas present, I also joined him and was slightly nervous as I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore fan. We’re both from Nottingham and came just for the day, so our trip also included train costs. Fortunately it was a lovely sunny day and we both thoroughly enjoyed the tour.
The location of the meeting point was slightly confusing because a new Nero’s had opened and as neither are particular close to platform 13 we we’re sure which one to go to. Luckily we could spot fellow fans and followed them.
Our tour guide Dewi was fantastic, he spoke clearly and informatively not only on all things Doctor Who, but also interesting facts and trivia about London and other TV series and films. My dad who is a long time fan was very pleased that the tour included references to older series and not just the recent ones.
It was quite a long tour in terms of walking, but neither of us minded. I would definitely recommend.
Visited September 2016

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ Walking Tour”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 11 August 2016
With my doctor who shirt at the ready me and my mum happily set off for this tour yesterday. It was very fact filled. Our tour guide Jeremiah was absolutely fantastic!! He was so knowledge on the subject and had a little bit of each doctor shine through his personality! We were in a group of 7 so was a nice little intimate group! He made sure we all felt welcomed and when we weren’t at a location he made sure we were in conversation about Doctor Who!! I think he made the tour really enjoyable!! Seeing both classic and new who this tour is a must for any whovian!!
Visited August 2016

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ walking Tour London”
4 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 12 July 2016
For the doctor who geek this walking tour is for you,the tour takes in all the locations used in doctor who, but if your expecting to see Darleks or the Tardis then this is not for you,Dewi was an Excellent tour guide but I was Disappointed when I asked a question about peter capaldi and his doctor on why he uses a guitar in the show and what make of guitar it was,Dewi did not know and gave a very short and dismissive reply to my question, the tour finished at waterloo station, it would have been far better that it finished at the Stamp Centre in stand street where on my email you could buy doctor who Memorabilia
Visited July 2016

“2,5hr †Doctor‡ †Who‡ Walking Tour”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 5 July 2016
We had an absolutely fantastic time in the heart of London, exploring the Doctor Who filming locations with our brilliant guide, Michael.
Visited July 2016

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ Walking Tour London”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 26 June 2016
Great day seeing the Doctor Who locations around London. Jeremiah was a great guide and, obviously, passionate about Doctor Who and extremely knowledgeable about the show Thank you Jeremiah – the day and craic were good
Visited June 2016

“Doctor Who Walking Tour of London–engaging fun!”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 9 July 2015 via mobile
This is my first review of Brit Movie Tours as we will be taking our second tour of Cardiff on Saturday.
We planned a Doctor Who vacation for our son (14) of the UK. He’s a huge fan, so if we were going to do a tour, it had well better be for the die hard Whovian. It was that and more so.
Our guide, Michael, arrived more than early, especially in light of the Tube strike. He waited extra time to ensure as many people who booked the tour could make it. Apparently not everyone could make it, but Michael made sure as many of us could begin, and made sure those of us who were present were taken care of.
It was clear from the onset that Michael knew his stuff, asking us trivia, who our favorite doctor was, and really sharing his own passion.
The sites along this tour were the real locations of television shoots, and Michael brought the photo stills from the series to prove it. He interjected a lot of humorous anecdotes along the way, and entertained every question.
Because of the strike, the busses were mobbed. We were all patient and got everywhere we needed to. And even though the tour was slated to be three hours, it stretched significantly longer due to the transport challenges. Michael didn’t short change us in any way–he was dedicated to hitting every spot of the official tour!
To boot, one of our group tool a bit ill. With the help of another tour group member, she was well taken care of. There was drama, excitement!
Fair warning: this is a lot of walking, so be prepared for that.
All told, a great day! Looking forward to Cardiff on Saturday!
Visited June 2015

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ Walking tour”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 22 June 2015
The Doctor Who walking tour was purchased by my wife as a Christmas present and we decided to wait until the summer to use the tour. We had glorious sunshine for our trip but I can imagine the tour would not be so pleasant in wet weather. It was great to visit many of the locations from the new and classic Doctor shows. Dewi (I think that is the right spelling) our tour guide was very knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic. The nearly three hours of walking just flew by and we even got a short trip by London bus – one of the new Routemasters in our case. The guide also uses various pictures of the episodes to enhance the talk. It isn’t all Doctor Who as you get general information about famous London landmarks as well.
The tour was well worth the money and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
Visited June 2015

5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 26 May 2015
I enjoyed the Doctor Who London Walking Tour with our very knowledgable and nice tour guide Dewi very much. He’s a fan himself and told a lot interesting additional facts.
Visited May 2015

“Doctor Who walking tour in London”
4 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 11 October 2016
I was given this gift as a Christmas present. The meeting point was outside the Café Nero by platform 13 at London Bridge station which was very easy to find. Our guide Jeremiah turned up carrying a sonic screw driver and dressed in a very similar way to Tom Bakers Dr Who in a long colourful scarf. Jeremiah was certainly knowledgeable, interested, and excited about his subject and told us many funny stories about the filming of Dr Who. The actual content of the tour is sometimes a bit obscure, like the manhole cover where a Cyber-man burst through or the balcony where Clara talked to the Dr. The tour took us off the beaten track and showed us some interesting sites of London. You will need an Oyster card as at one point we took a bus between locations.
Visited October 2016

“Dr Who Walking Tour with Jeremiah!”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 4 September 2016
Purchased this tour as a gift for my Dad as he is a big Dr Who fan, didn’t expect him to take me but so glad he did, one of the most fun days I’ve had!
The details in the information pack were clear and the meeting point easy to find Cafe Nero, London Bridge Station.
Jeremiah, our guide, was brilliant, so funny the whole way through the tour and kept everything interesting. He was so entertaining and you heard every word he said clearly, which for us was important as my Dad is hearing impaired, but i needn’t of worried at all.
We had a unexpected gentleman try to join to the tour at one point which Jeremiah dealt with fantastically, and also a couple of other strange occurrences, but each one was resolved by our guide effectively and with great humour.
We also got to take in some great sights around London, and learn some of the more of the interesting history. As someone who lives and works in London it was great to see it from another angle as a tourist and find new little places which I would go back and visit again.
Plenty of time at each of the stops to take pictures and ask questions.
I would recommended this to any Doctor Who fan – and providing you get a guide as good as Jeremiah – even if you weren’t knowledgeable on the show prior to the tour and attended as a plus one you would still enjoy the tour just as much! With the added bonus of extra knowledge :)
I will definitely be looking to book another walking tour!
Would suit Families, couples, solo travellers, but also could make for very fun, interesting and different business trip outing.
Visited September 2016

5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 5 July 2016
Michael was brilliant! He knew a lot of things about Doctor Who. He is a big fan of the old series, but also very familiar with the new era!
As we are a big fan of the series we really enjoyed the tour. It was a bit short (2,5 hours) walking around London but didn’t have enough time to make photos)
Visited July 2016

“Doctor who walking tour london”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 20 May 2016
Awesome tour. My partner was dreading it due to not being a fan. But the guide included other trivia on locations where we were going especially about Bridget Jones she enjoyed. We were lucky on the tour as it was a small group and red hot day made it much more enjoyable walking around London and got to see most of the big sights. Guide was very knowledgeable and seemed to really enjoy doing the tours. Already reccommended to fellow of my who friends. Awesome well worth doing it.
Visited May 2016

“Was so good I came back for more!”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 21 April 2016
First did the Harry Potter Tour, Dewydd was such an enthusiastic guide. Next I did Doctor Who, Aimee was just as amazing!
Visited April 2016

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ Walking Tour”
4 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 2 February 2015
A chilly start to the tour starting at The Shard yesterday morning, but spirits were high and our tour guide Aimee kept us informed and entertained on the walk around the locations where Doctor Who was filmed, past and present. Very impressed with the level of knowledge around the show, and around general trivia of the capital! Would’ve perhaps liked to get closer to some of the landmarks such as Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, but i appreciate there’s only so far people will walk! Thanks for a great day!
Visited February 2015

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ walking tour”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 1 February 2015
Went on the Doctor Who walking tour today – despite it being very cold it was an excellent way to spend a few hours walking around London . Aimee our guide was brilliant so knowledgable new loads of great facts about DrWho and the locations she took us to, also gave us loads of other information historical etc about where we were . Also really impressed the way she dealt with no buses running because of a fun run she swiftly got us on the tube to our next destination with no fuss . A really excellent tour, had a great time thank you
Visited February 2015

“Yes, right, probably, most enjoyable”
4 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 29 October 2015
Shown round a bit of London by Jerimah, yes it was Jerimah, he had it on a card on round his neck. He had two sonic screwdrivers, a hat and a nice style to what he said and did. My interest in Doctor Who has peaks and troughs. The person who gave me the tour as a present may have missed my current lack of on ern for the future of the human race. The tour leads one round some classic and modern filming spots and fills in some background. Beware you travel on a London Bus which run in a time corridor where money is not legal tender. Unfortunately the tour finishes with talk of The Doctor’s seventh incarnation.
Jerimah, right, yes, fantastic.
Visited October 2015

“Doctor Who Walking Tour of London”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 18 October 2015
Brilliant tour!! David, our tour guide, was knowledgable and fun! The sonic screwdriver led the way through some iconic sites of London where Who, both classic and new, has been filmed over the years. Loads of geek filled facts made it a throughly entertaining way to spend a few hours in London. Highly recommended!! Give that man his own TARDIS!! Thank you.
Visited October 2015

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 10 November 2014
Ryan,8 years old “the tour was epic”.
We have booked this tour for our son’s birthday and he loved it. And so did we. Aimee, the tour guide, was brilliant and very enthusiastic and friendly. She gave us lots of information and fun bits about Doctor who, the filming and sets, and also included some historical information.
We would recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in Doctor who.
Visited November 2014

“Dr †Who‡ Walking tour of London 6th Sep 2015”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 6 September 2015
Really good tour and Aimee (not Pond) our tour guide was very engaging and had real enthusiasm about what she was doing. There is a fair bit of walking but it takes in quite a few of the London sights and so is interesting even if you are not a Doctor Who fan. She did provide quite a few nice snippets of information which even the most encyclopaedic doctor who fans may not know. Really enjoyed it.
Visited September 2015

“†Doctor‡ †Who‡ Walking tour”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 27 October 2014
Hello and thank you for a great Doctor Who Walking tour tour guides name was Aimee; being big fan since 1993. I said I had website but forgot to give her name of it – it is called Doctor Who World. I saw many new places and nice seeing mix of old and the new series
Visited October 2014

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