Wizards England Film Location Tour Customer Reviews

“My family and I recently went on a 2 days HP tour through your company in early July, on the 4th and 5th.  It almost didn’t happen but I’m glad we decided to stick with it. We love it! We cannot express enough how fun and exciting the whole tours were from day 1. We were stuck in traffic for an hour the first day because of an accident and plus I was mistakenly thought the tour starts at 9 rather than 8:30; so we were 1.5 hours behind and had to cut Gloucester I believe.  But that was fine with us because we didn’t want to miss the owl. Mick our tour guide is very knowledgeable, he didn’t just give us a tour of HP; he also gave us a tour of London, Lacock, Oxford, etc.  He told us the history of things not just what related to the movie we really like that especially for my husband who’s not into HP as much as my daughter and I.  He is easy to talk to, courteous and always on time; a lot of driving he had to do for us, we really appreciate it.  With that said, thank you from my family and I.  Please tell Mick thanks again from us.(Doug, Ira and Gillian Ross – review July 2016)

“We had a fantastic tour with our guide– Rosie –who was magical with our 9 year old girls as well as historically knowledgable about England with us, the parents. Honestly, it was the best experience ever! ”
Richard Didden, USA (Trip Advisor review June 2014)

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