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Take a journey into the world of Thomas Cromwell, adviser to the notorious monarch, King Henry VIII. BBCs new 6 part series ‘Wolf Hall’ has captured the nation’s attention on screen and has been described by critics as ‘close to perfect television’.

Now you can visit some of the breath taking locations featured in the show in this tour in the South West of England.

During the tour you can immerse yourself in the world of corsets, hat doffing and hushed conversations whispered in shadowy corridors.

You will see the moated manor house used as Austin Friar, home to Thomas Cromwell and his family, and you can explore the gardens and corridors of Wolf Hall –the Seymour family’s country seat.

Relive the excitement of jousting tournaments, visit the Cathedral where Anne Boleyn’s lavish coronation was filmed and walk through an historic village owned by the National Trust.

2 Day Tours
For private tours an additional day is also available that includes locations used for street scenes, York Place (home of Cardinal Wolsey) and Greenwich Palace where Anne Boleyn is arrested. All these locations are accessible from Bath.

  • Discover quaint English villages
  • See where River Thames scenes were filmed
  • Find out about the making of the show including the challenges faced with maintaining an historically accurate production
  • Visit historic locations protected by the National Trust and English Heritage
  • Walk in the gardens used as Wolf Hall Gardens
  • See locations that have also been used in other Tudor screen dramas including The Other Boleyn Girl
Wolf Hall Tour
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