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Emmerdale – What’s going to happen next?

Emmerdale Set TourEmmerdale the nation’s favourite soap is going from strength to strength with compelling story lines, beautiful sets and characters that we can all relate to and believe in. So what does the future hold for us fans…

We have seen in the national press recently the actor Bill Ward who plays James Barton is leaving the soap, but how is he going to leave? The hottest rumours at the moment are that he is going to be killed off in one of the most dramatic story lines for a few years.  His departure is going to be in the New Year so ensure you keep your eyes on the screen to see how this story line develops, it’s sure to bring many a tear to viewer’s eyes.

Another shock departure is going to be actress Sophie Powell who plays Holly Barton, we all remember her return earlier this year and the high profile story of her relapse with drugs, her mother Moira’s cold turkey intervention and how her marriage to Cain broke down as a consequence.  Rumours are that Sophie has already filmed her final scenes and this will be a big story. However she is keeping tight lipped about any details of this.

We have all been riveted with actress Eden Taylor-Draper’s who plays Belle Dingle and her magnificent portrayal of mental illness, but how is the future likely to be for Belle. Over the next few weeks we are going to see Belle’s illness deteriorate with Ellie’s negative influence in her head make more rash decisions and put herself into more danger, and the police scale down the search for her.

Belle is now on the streets searching for scraps of food and being at the mercy of unscrupulous people who take advantage of young vulnerable girls. Will Belle be found by her worried family before it is too late? While the portrayal of mental illness is not a new concept for a soap, Emmerdale has managed to show the reality, not just for the sufferer but the impact on family and friends, by using a ‘real’ actress, Ashlie Robinson.  Emmerdale has allowed us viewers to get a real insight into how Belle must be feeling and what she must be going through. I have much admiration for all the cast for how they filmed the scenes with Belle and Ellie, how they made it so believable and how this made these scenes so compelling for us all.

So what else does the Yorkshire based soap hold for us in the future, we have all seen Charity and Cain’s relationship undulate as much as the Yorkshire Dales the series is set in, how low the scheming Charity likely to go to get her man ? Hot gossip at the moment is saying that she is going to set Cain up so that his wife Moira catches them in a clinch, will this be the final nail in the coffin for Cain and Moira’s marriage or will he be able to realise before it is too late and turn the tables on Charity. This story line is likely to keep us on the edge of our seats for a while yet.

The recent departure of Andy Sugden, actor Kevin Fletcher, was an emotional farewell for us all and especially for Kevin himself as he had been in the soap since he was aged twelve. Kevin has been heard recently dropping hints of an return “sooner than we think”. Will justice prevail and the truth about the shooting of Laurence finally emerge?

With all the problems in the Dingle clan recently we have all seen Zak and Lisa getting closer and Zak lying to his new wife Joanie about his whereabouts. This story line is likely to keep us guessing for a while to come yet but you can be sure it will be fireworks for the Dingles at some point.
Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson who made an appearance earlier this year as the troublesome Ryan is rumoured to be returning for more episodes and likely to become a regular in and around the Woolpack. We are also going to be seeing a new Faith Dingle in the near future; no doubt this is likely to upset a few applecart’s.

Finally, producer Iain McLeod has given us some food for thought stating in a recent interview “There is a massive week coming up on 17th of October” “ its unbelievably exciting” I for one can’t wait and will ensuring I have my Yorkshire tea and Parkin at the ready for this week.

Can’t get enough of Emmerdale? Why not book a guided Emmerdale Set Tour and walk on the famous cobbles yourself and get a selfie outside the The Woolpack.

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