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Poldark is Back with Bang


Here at BMT we have been eagerly awaiting the return of BBC’s Poldark.  Well its back with a bang! Sunday night’s first episode was a treat.  There was so much action going on in that one hour that it could have been shared over the whole series.

The episode did a good job of reminding us of the feud between George and Ross, the drowning of Francis, Elizabeth and Ross’s ambiguous night, and Aunt Agatha’s premonitions about a baby who would be coming suspiciously soon.

Starting with a breathtaking view of the cliffs of Cornwall, we had had a birth, marriage and death, three new characters and a fast-escalating French Revolution!  Last series we saw Ross and Demelza reeling from Ross’ night with former love Elizabeth who is married to his sworn enemy George Warleggan.

The episode started with Elizabeth losing control of her horse.  Dangerously close to the edge of the cliffs she is saved by Ross as he races to her rescue.  He doesn’t get any thanks, instead he gets a tongue lashing from Elizabeth and then George.

Ross back at home is holding things together although things are still tense between him and Demelza because of Elizabeth’s pregnancy. He is occupied with the tasks on his estate and the planned wedding of Dr Enys and Caroline. His bank manager tells him that the mine and his land are actually making some money for a change.

Elizabeth welcomed a little baby boy which was oddly named Valentine. Elizabeth took plenty of risks to justify her baby coming a month early. Once the pains began she faked a fall on a staircase. The very same night, Demeza’s father passed away.

Enys and Caroline wedding was a simple affair, but their wedding night was rudely interrupted when Enys had to leave to help deliver Elizabeth’s baby.

Ross strikes a bargain with George and promises to stay away from the Warleggan family in exchange of George taking good care of the estate, the mine and Aunt Agatha.

Two new characters rolled up in the name of Drake and Sam, Demelza’s brothers.  They met Morwenna the governess of young Geoffrey and there is an immediate spark between Drake and Morwenna.

Ross didn’t like poor Aunt Agatha being strong-armed out the way by George’s croanies. She cursed them and went on about the evening’s black moon.  I do like all the mysticism stuff as it’s a great reminder of Cornwall’s pagan past.

Cornwall itself is such a huge part of this show. The craggy coastline, expansive beaches and the cliff tops with distinctive engine shafts.  Here at BMT we have put together a tour which takes you all of the Poldark filming locations in Cornwall. Cornwall’s story is determined by its geography, and on tour we take you to some of the most picturesque and historic sites which are unrivalled.  Our tour lasts for 9 hours and includes some walking along cliffs, beaches, steep paths and uneven terrain.  The tour is no suitable for small children or those in wheelchair accessible. Tours available in English, Russian and Italian.

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