Viewers demand more Inspector Morse

Nine years after the demise of Inspector Morse the show is set to return following a one off special about his young detective days that set a ratings record of 6.5million viewers for a one-off drama.

Endeavour, a prequel to the original series, starred Shaun Evans in the role originally played by John Thaw.

Now ITV hope to make more of the Endeavour specials and are not ruling out a series. To top it all Shaun has won the blessing of the late John Thaw’s family. John’s daughter Abigail, who herself appeared in Monday’s drama, said: “I was quite nervous coming in for my scene but Sean made me feel extremely welcome.

“Being the daughter of the original Morse, I could have been a rather boring pain in the backside for him. But Shaun was just so nice.”

And she liked touches of her father’s characterisation of world-weary Morse being in the script.

Abigail added: “The echo of the old Morse provided a lovely, knowing nod to the fans. It made us cry when the scene was complete.”

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