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Christmas Gift Experiences – Tour Voucher

gift voucherIt’s that time of the year when thoughts turn to Christmas and what to buy our nearest and dearest. What is becoming more of a trend at the moment is buying unusual gift experiences rather than traditional presents.   We all know ‘it’s the thought that counts’ when it comes to receiving Christmas presents or any other gifts for that matter, but it really does touch your heart when you receive something that is really personal to you and not the norm.

Also as you get older and more Christmas pass you buy, you soon get bored yourself of buying the same old gifts and if honest, get bored of receiving the same.  It is very enjoyable trying to think outside of the box and coming up really good present ideas by thinking about the person and their likes and interests.  Gift experiences a far more fun that another soap set or jumper you will never wear.  Buying Christmas gifts for parents can be tricky even if you ask them what they want. They always say they have everything they need and they don’t need anything. So you get the same perfume, socks chocolate etc.  But I suspect what they really would want, if they were honest, would be quality time with you or their friends.  Experience gifts or day out type presents give just this.  They give you something to look forward to and an experience to remember forever.

Here at Brit Movie Tours we offer Gift Tour Vouchers which can be used towards any of our tours. If you are struggling to think of ideas for a gifts for someone this Christmas, maybe this is the solution.   Kids are going to just love the new Paddington film which is coming out on the 28th of this month here in the UK and I for one cannot wait.  I loved Paddington Bear as a child and it will be great to see him on the big screen with the help of CGI.   Our new Paddington Tour London is launching in Easter of 2015 so vouchers towards this tour might be a great idea for new or old fans of Paddington this Christmas.

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will love the BBC Sherlock locations tour where for 3 ½ hour you and a small group are driven around London in a mini coach visiting filming locations including 221b Baker St, Speedys Café, St Barts Hospital and much more. Private tours can also be arranged.

Game of Thrones has been a huge hit and Game of Thrones gifts are highly sought after.  Our gift tour vouchers would make an excellent give for a serious Game of Thrones fan.  Harry Potter fans will absolutely love our Harry Potter Tour London and would make brilliant surprice for any aged Harry Potter fan.

Gift tours are a great idea if you want to give an unusual gift to your friend of loved one.  If you know that you would be going on the tour with them you also get the added bonus of knowing you also will benefit from the gift.  Tour gifts make excellent gifts for couples as well as gift experiences for two friends.

Take a look at our gift tour voucher page and remember if you are not sure which vouchers to buy you can buy a Brit Movie Tours voucher which can be redeemed against any of our tours.


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