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Harry Potter Locations of England Taxi Tour

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Great Britain is home to J K Rowling’s famous young wizard, Harry Potter. All of the 8 Harry Potter films and the Fantastic Beasts franchise were filmed here in the UK, with many locations dotted around England. So whether you live here, or you’re just visiting, you can book our magical Harry Potter Locations of England Taxi Tour, where you will visit historic places, be driven through scenic countryside, explore film locations and learn all about The Boy Who Lived.

The tour starts in London where you’ll meet your guide either at Gloucester Road station or at your hotel within zone 1 (we recommend choosing a hotel on the West side of zone 1, if possible). You will then head out of London to visit the beautiful and historic village of Lacock. Lacock is owned by the National Trust and is said to be the most filmed village in the country. You will be guided around this charming village and shown the spots where Harry Potter was filmed including the house used for Professor Slughorn’s home and the cottage used for Goldric’s Hollow, where Voldemort murdered Harry’s parents.

The highlight of your morning, is a visit to the medieval Abbey (admission not included in the price of the tour). Once inside the ruined Abbey cloisters, your guide will show you where scenes from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies were filmed. Some of the highlights include the rooms that doubled as Professor Snape’s Potions classroom, the place where Harry finds the Mirror or Erised and Professor Quirrell’s Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom as well as other Hogwarts locations.

After exploring Lacock Abbey’s cloisters, you can enjoy lunch in a delightful old English pub (not included in the price of the tour).

No Harry Potter England Tour would be complete without talking about to woman behind the magic, the author of the Harry Potter books, J K Rowling. So, the next stop will be a very brief visit to the town where she grew up. You’ll have the chance to see her childhood home (this is privately owned with no access to the property) and have a photo taken by the a Quidditch goal post!

The final stop on the tour will take you to Gloucester: the Cathedral city of the Cotswolds, where you will get a chance to visit the magnificent cathedral which doubled as the interiors of Hogwarts school. Filmmakers revisited this stunning location, with its impressive gothic architecture, time and again to film numerous scenes from the Harry Potter films. Some of the most memorable scenes filmed here include the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room; the moment when Ron and Harry spot the troll and where the message ‘ENEMIES OF THE HEIR BEWARE’ is written in blood across the wall.

During the day you will travel for 250 miles to see these stunning locations. While you are driving between locations, you will learn how the films were made, discuss the books and hear trivia about the magical world of Harry Potter. When you’re not driving, you’ll have the chance to walk around the locations, take photos and if you’re feeling theatrical, you could even re-create some of the scenes from the films.

Feel free to dress up as one of the characters from the franchise (only if you want to) to make your day and photos even more special (costume not included as part of the tour).

Please note that as there will be walking involved in the tour, it may not be suitable for those with mobility problems.


Harry Potter Locations of England Taxi Tour
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