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Line of duty: A glimpse into filming locations

The award-winning series Line of duty is going from strength the strength. Season six was the most successful to date for the BBC crime drama and saw at least 9.6 million viewers tune in – half a million viewers more than the finale of season five. The penultimate show, which aired on 25 April, brought in 11 million viewers in the evening on which it was shown Live, according to the BBC. This number is expected to grow as on-demand views rack up.

Here we take a look at the stunning places where the Line of Duty is filmed.  Line of Duty is a British police crime drama, created by Jed Mercurio.  The show has been on the air for the best part of 10 years.  Its popularity growing all the time, and we will have to wait and see if there will be a 7th series.  On our Line of Duty tour you will find out the hidden secret places which add value to this award-winning series.

Line of duty was filmed in Birmingham and Northern Ireland.  The first season which aired in 2012 was filmed in Birmingham.  The the offices of “anti-corruption squad AC-12” were located in the old Municipal Bank building on Broad Street:

The filming also included shots of the interior of the well-known pub called, The Queen’s Arms.  A quaint grade listed place in 150 Newhall Sreet.

Line of Duty Tour Belfast

From season 2, the production moved to Belfast and it where our tour is based.  The tour starts from Irish tour office, first up is a visit to AC-12HQ.  See the location where Ted Hasting and crew work against corruption.

Naturally, a Line of Duty Walking Tour wouldn’t be complete without taking you to locations for at least one dramatic arrest, an ambush while transporting a prisoner, and the finding of a dead body.  You will get to follow in the footsteps of Dot and Kate after Dot’s ‘Urgent exit required’ message during Season 3.  You will see a good section of the chase scene including where Kate hitches a ride on a lorry chasing Dot.  See the spot where they sprint through the crowded fictional Kingsgate High Street.

From Season 5 you will see the spot where Steve ignores Hastings Fahrenheit order during the adrenaline-filled standoff with rogue undercover agent John Corbett.  Discover the locations for some of the most exciting moments in Season 6.  The shooting between Ryan, Jo and Kate and the subsequent car chase scene where Jo and Kate are ultimately caught.

The final location on the tour is one of the most famous meeting points used in Line of Duty.  You will see the graffiti-covered tunnel seen throughout the series where AC-12’s undercover agents have their secret meetings.  This is the selfie spot so remember to bring your cameras.

Graffiti tunnel Location

The tour route is approximately 2 miles long and will go at a leisurely pace. There will be plenty of time and opportunities to take photographs. Throughout the tour, your knowledgeable guide will share anecdotes about filming, snippets about the show’s impressive cast list,

The leisurely paced tour is approximately 2 miles long.  Along the way you will be learn some of the shenanigans that the actors get up to in between takes.

Tour Highlights

Visit locations used for both AC-12 AND the Central Police HQ
Take a photo at the AC-12’s iconic graffiti tunnel
Follow Dot as he flees from AC-12 HQ
Stand in the spot where Steve Arnott and John Corbett have their stand off
Spot the window where the sniper shoots Jonesy
Learn interesting facts about the making of Line of Duty

To learn more and book this tour click here.

Line of Duty is also available to watch on BBC iPlayer, Acorn TV, BritBox, AMC Premiere, Sling TV, and Prime Video.

Will there be a series 7?

Jed Mercurio  was asked this on BBC Breakfast about any possible plans for series 7.  He said:  “Look, I mean we’re all so thrilled by the response to season six. It did so well and it’s fantastic to be part of something like that, an absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience that the cast and I all really loved being part of.

“So, yeah, if there was a way, we’d obviously look at that seriously. But just being honest with you right now, we don’t have a plan in place.”

Tour Line of Duty Locations

If you want to do a tour of Belfast locations on your own, this is a great map where you can see all the locations.  A local Belfast man James Currie put together a database on Google Maps:

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