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Actor Vas Blackwood to guide Gangster Tour

Vas Blackwood

Brit Movie Tours is pleased to announce a new celebrity tour guide for our Krays Gangster London Tour. Vas Blackwood aka Rory Breaker from Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels will be taking over from Stephen Marcus on the 14th October.

Working actor Stephen Marcus will guide his last tour on the 7th October. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for doing such a great job over the past few years. We wish him well for his future and look forward to seeing him on our screens soon.

His replacement Vas Blackwood worked with Stephen on Lock, Stock. Who can forget the scene where Rory calls Nick the Greek in for an explanation due to his weed being stolen. Rory issues lots of threats involving Nick being killed. There was also the scene where Bacon ask him to turn the television down for Rory to turn around and stonily reply “No”.

Vas was born in London in 1962 and has been an actor since the early 80’s. He played Lenny Henry’s sidekick Winston Churchill in The Lenny Henry Show in 1987 and David Sinclair in Casualty from 1996 to 1997. He has been in a number of films including Mean Machine in 2001, 9 Dead Gay Guys in 2002 and Creep in 2004. He also made an appearance as Lennox Gilbey in Only Fools and Horses.

We think Vas is a great replacement and believe he will do a grand job. Like Marcus he too has rubbed shoulders with some of London’s ex-gangsters and their associates, including Freddie Foreman, Dave Courtney, Barbara Windsor and gangster-turned-actor, Lenny McLean. Like his predecessor he will share true stories and anecdotes at each location on the tour. We would like to welcome Vas to the team and hope he enjoys guiding our Gangster tour over the next few months.

Titanic Tour

Those who can afford luxury travel might be interested in learning that you can now head to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean and visit the wreck of the Titanic. British travel company Blue Marble Private, the firm behind the tour, promises a once-in-a-lifetime epic experience.  However it’s not just a simple day tour, it lasts for days!

Those that don’t mind paying the reported £86,500 for a ticket, (which incidentally is double the original £40,000 cost of a first class ticket to sail on titanic), will fly in a helicopter from Newfoundland to the expedition’s support yacht in the North Atlantic.  After two days on board the yacht learning about the ship, these extreme sightseers will get a five-hour dive to the sea bed to see the decaying remains of the Titanic. Nobody could dive that deep and survive the pressure so a special submersible designed by OceanGate Inc will take people safely to and fro. The specially designed titanium and carbon fibre submersible can reach depths of 4,000 metres and will be guided by a crew of experts.

Obviously this is not a tour for us humble folk,  but it its thought it will be popular with the rich, scientists, archaeologists and wannabe explorers. Only 9 people will go on any one tour.

Take a look and the link below for details of how to book:

Titanic Tours – by Blue Marble Private (Photo:

Titanic Facts

  • The Titanic ship sank after hitting an iceberg on 15 April 1912.
  • It was the ships maiden voyage and left Southampton heading for New York.
  • Over 1,500 of the 2,224 passengers and crew died.
  • The ship was more than 880 feet long and 100 feet high – the worlds largest passenger ship at that time.
  • Some of the wealthiest people in the world were on the ship when it sank.
  • The richest passenger to die was John Jacob Astor IV who at the time had a net worth of around £68m (approximately £1.6 bn today)/
  • Some of the ship’s interiors were inspired by those at the Ritz hotel in London.
  • Only 16 lifeboats and four collapsible boats were on-board.
  • 100,000 people turned up to see the ship’s launch on May 31, 1911

Titanic 1997 Film Facts

  • The film gross of over $1.84 billion.
  • The movie cost $200 million to make with $7.5 million spent to reconstruct the ship.
  • The movie set was mounted on hydraulic jacks which could be tilted.
  • Titanic nominated for fourteen Academy Awards.
  • James Cameron apparently drew all the pictures in Jack’s sketchbook, also the hands seen sketching Rose were not Jack’s but Cameron’s.
  • Matthew McConaughey was meant to play Jack, but James Cameron insisted on Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Gloria Stuart who played Rose Dawson and also narrates the film was the only person working on the film who was actually living in 1912, the year the ship sunk.
  • Gloria Stuart became the oldest person to ever be nominated for an Oscar at age 87.
  • Oddly after James Cameron finished the script, he discovered that there was a real J. Dawson who died aboard the Titanic.
  • They used a genuine artefact that survived the sinking, the piece of wooden paneling that Rose floated on after the sinking can be seen at Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Traditional Tours UK

Brit Movie Tours is pleased to introduce its sister company Traditional Tours UK which was launched a few weeks ago.  Over the years we have had many people ask us about general sightseeing tours and other tours which we couldn’t really class as movie location tours. So the decision was made to create a new website where we can group tours which are not strictly based on movie locations.

Currently we have a number of literary tours, Beatles tours and general London tours. Each tour has been carefully thought about and put together to really give an insight into each particular tour. Where possible we have tour guides that are either experts in that genre or have personal experience with the people or places on tour.

Literary Tours

Beatrix Potter Lake District TourFor fans of great English literature we have a Beatrix Potter tour which takes you to the beautiful Lake District where you start your tour at Lake Windermere.  Next you visit Hill Top and walk in the footsteps of Miss Potter and see why she fell in love with the area and how it inspired her to write her famous children stories. This tour involves a lot of walking and lasts for over 4 hours.  It is not recommended for those with mobility issues.

Our Shakespeare tour is a walking tour around London taking you to places that the famous writer frequented. The route of the tour focuses on the South Bank area of London because that was hub of theatrical life in the capital during the life of Shakespeare. It’s a 2 hour walking tour run by an guide who is an expert on Shakespeare.

Our Dickens London walking tour will take you back to the 19th century and take you to places that Dickens frequented and inspired his early work.  On the 1 3/4 hour tour you will get to visit many sites that are mentioned in his writings from Pickwick Papers, Our Mutual Friend, Oliver Twist and many other books.

Beatles Tours

Beatles ToursThere are 3 Beatles tours, two in London and one in Liverpool. The Beatles tour of London plus rock sites will allow you to immerse yourself in the sites of London that played an important role in influencing the culture of the 1960’s, the punk revolution of the 1970’s and 80’s. You get to visit iconic locations including the famous zebra crossing which was used as the cover picture for the Abbey Roads album.  Other rock locations include Brian Epstein’s house, where Bob Geldof conceived the idea of Band Aid and the Rolling Stones’s Edith Grove apartments and nightclubs and neighbourhoods that have shaped the music industry.

Those wanting the all single and dancing Beatles tour can book the VIP tour of London. The tour guide for the VIP tours is a man who actually knew the fab four as he was the personal hairdresser from 1967 onwards. You will learn personal stories that you cannot hear anywhere else.  This really is an insight into the lives of the Beatles and can be customised to your personal interests.

The Beatles tour of Liverpool by taxi takes you to the childhood homes of each one of the Beatles. It is well known that Liverpool was a huge influence on their early music and helped inspire many lyrics and songs.  If you want to visit Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields then this 3 hour tour is the one for you.

London Tours

Panoramic tour LondonFinally we have a number of London tours taking you to some unusual places around the capital.  Those wanting to learn the history of London, our City London Walking tour is a must.  It is a 2 1/2 hour walking tour that will take in most of the famous landmarks as well as some hidden gems that you probably don’t know about.

Our quirky London tour is a tour dedicated to taking you to places a little off the beaten track.  It was put together to show off parts of London that often gets forgotten about.  Also there are many bizarre facts which the guide will share with you.  There are plenty of quirky places which make great photo opportunities.

The locations used in the famous Notting Hill film are on full display on our Notting Hill tour.  You will get to visit over 10 locations from the film including the real Travel Bookshop featured in the film.  Along route you get to see some of the current and former homes of the famous including Richard Branson and Richard Curtis. The tour winds up nicely at the famous Portobello Road Market where you will get some recommendations on where to eat and drink.

Fancy walking in the footsteps of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers Jack the Ripper?  Our the Jack the Ripper tour you will get to walk the Victorian alleyways in Whitechapel and learn about all the theories, facts and fiction that has fascinated the world since the discovery of the first body in 1888.

With a Westminster Tour, a Panoramic London tour, underground and pub tour, there is a tour for everyone. Head over to our new site Traditional Tours UK and get booking your next adventure.




New Star Wars Film – Rogue One

One of the biggest anticipated films of the year is nearing its release date.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is released in cinemas on 15th December in the UK and is tipped to be the biggest movie of the year.

The Star Wars franchise shows no signs of slowing down as this is the first in the Star Wars Anthology Series; a new series of stand-alone spin-off films.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes place just before the events of 1977’s Star Wars in a period of civil war.  The Galactic Empire rules the galaxy and is putting the finishing touches to their ultimate super-weapon, the Death Star.  The Rebellion plan to steal its plans in order to destroy it. The team of Rebel Alliance features Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Ben Mendelshon, Forest Whitaker and Donnie Yen.

Gareth Edwards directed the film and has described is as a grounded, war-based movie, where normal people have to come together to fight the Empire as opposed to relying on the Jedi or the Force.

Here at BMT we can’t wait to watch it.  If you haven’t seen any of the official trailers, take a look below:

Separating Fact from Fiction – The Real Peaky Blinders

The real Peaky Blinders was the name given to gangs that ruled the industrialised areas of Birmingham in the late 19th century.  From 1870’s onward, Birmingham was sinking into extreme poverty and crime was rife. Gangs were formed by youths wanting to claim ownership of certain areas in Birmingham. Postcode wars would see fights break out and sometimes so seriously many involved would die. The Wainwright Street Gang, Whitehouse Street gang and Ten Arches Gang are a number of gangs which lasted for over 30 years. English historian Professor Chinn revealed in his book about the Peaky Blinders that these smaller group of gangs came together to form the Aston Sloggers and went on to fight the Nechells Sloggers. By 1895 these gangs were being referred to by the press as Peaky Blinders or Sloggers. Their crimes included generalized violence theft, mugging, illegal betting, protection racketeering, and dealing in black-market goods.

Separating fact from fiction

The TV series is set in the 1920’s whereas the really Peaky Blinders were around in the 1890’s. The Birmingham born writer of Peaky Blinders Steven Knight came up with the idea for the drama years ago and is based on stories told to him by his parents who grew up in Small Heath Birmingham.

Many believe the name ‘Peaky Blinders’ derived from the gang stitching razor blades into their flat caps and using them as weapons as seen in the TV series.  However Professor Carl Chinn believes this is an unlikely scenario as razor blades had only just emerged and were a luxury and expensive item. ‘Peakys’ was a common nickname for popular flat caps with peaks which the gangs did ware. The gang were however the more stylish of gangs at the time. They dressed distinctively with peaked baps, cravats, bell-bottom trousers and silk scarves tied around their necks. This set them apart from other gangs such as the Birmingham Boys also known as the Brummagem Gang.

real life peaky blinders

Records of the gang members and crimes can be seen at Sparkhill’s West Midlands Police Museum

Gang Members

There was no real Tommy Shelby back in the day. It is still being debated whether Peaky Blinders were a single gang or a local Birmingham term for the gangs. The author of The Gangs of Birmingham Philip Gooderson, states that the Peaky Blinders originated as one gang but the term later became generic.  Details of the Peaky Blinders’ crimes are preserved in the West Midlands Police Museum showing images of Harry Fowler, Ernest Bayles, Stephen McHickie and Thomas Gilbert who are today referred to as the real peaky blinders.  Many gang members were as young as 12 such as baby faced Charles Lambourne and David Taylor 13.  The gang were referred to by court reports at the time as ‘foul mouthed young men who stalk the streets in drunken groups, insulting and mugging passers-by.’ But is was the older gang members who ruled the roost as it were, mainly Stephen McHickie, Harry Fowler and Tom Gilbert. Today the names of the gang members are all but forgotten, however their reputations are cemented in Birmingham’s history.  It is only recently the gang are being remembered thanks to the hit BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

To learn more about the gangs read Carl Chinn’s book, The Real Peaky Blinders and The Gangs of Birmingham by Philip GoodersonRecords of the gang members and their crimes are preserved in Sparkhill’s West Midlands Police Museum.

Filming Locations of Peaky Blinders

Despite the fact that the drama is set in 1920s Birmingham, very little of Peaky Blinders is actually filmed in the city. The Black Country Living Museum  was used to recreate the scrap metal yard of Charlie Strong and where Tommy Shelby stored his illicit goods and kept his race horse. Also the blacksmith’s forge was the location used for filming the dramatic scene when Tommy was forced to shoot dead an IRA sympathiser in the first episode of the second series. The rest of Peaky Blinders is filmed in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford but mainly Liverpool. Interestingly the street where the Shelby’s live, which is supposed to represent a terraced street in Small Heath, was actually the street where Ringo Starr from the Beatles grew up in Liverpool. You can visit this street on our very own Peaky Blinders Tour and also visit more than 10 filming locations in and around Liverpool. The tour lasts for 6 hours and costs £60, private and group tours available.. Click here to book for Peaky Blinders Tour

The BBC have commissioned seasons four and five so we should be able to watch season 4 sometime in 2017.  However if you can’t get enough of Peaky Blinders and can’t wait that long, why not join us on tour and hear lots anecdotes about the making of all three series of the show.

Bloggers Wanted!

Brit Movie Tours is one of the many companies looking for bloggers.  Our tours educate and entertain visitors of all ages, nationalities and interests.  We pride ourselves on bringing your favourite movies and TV shows to life on our tours. To spread the word, we are looking for bloggers who would like to go on a free London tour in exchange for a review published on their blog.

We are aware online reviews are essential for our reputation and we pride ourselves on our Certificate of Excellence on Trip Advisor. You can read all of our reviews here.  You only have to read some of the reviews to see how impressed people are by our tour guides. Recent comments include one from Phil who wrote a couple of days ago: “I was given a James Bond walking tour as a gift but would not have regretting paying for it myself! I was extremely impressed with our guide – Phil…”  Another review the day before is from Nikki from London where she quotes “one of the most fun days I’ve had”.  We look at the very few negative reviews we get as an opportunity for us to do better.

Because more than 90% of online shoppers look for reviews on products and services before buying, we are always striving to be the very best in our industry.  Ensuring we do the best job we can to attract the best reviews is paramount in our business. We want our business to go from strength to strength by reaching more more people from all over the world.

Free Tours in London

If your a blogger and looking for opportunities of working with companies like us then get in touch.  We are looking for all types of bloggers from all around the world.  If you a bit of a film buff then you would be ideal.  Perhaps you’re a big fan of Dr Who, James Bond or Harry Potter.  Maybe you can’t get enough of Made in Chelsea, or TOWIE and would love to view these locations and share your experience with your readers.

Ideally we want established blogs and those with a good following. Travel bloggers or those that blog about days out and experiences would also be welcome.

If you are interested and would like to be considered for a free tour in exchange for a review, then email us your name, email, your blog address and a little bit of information about you, your blog and readers to: marketing (at) britmovietours (dot) com. Please use BLOG REVIEW in the subject heading.





Short History of the Kray Twins

The Kray twins were notorious perpetrators of organised crime in London’s east end during the 1950s and 1960s. They were known as Reggie and Ronnie but there full names were Reginald Kray and Ronald Kray. They were responsible for a number of crimes in their days including murder, torture, arson and armed robberies. Even though they committed terrible atrocities they actually became celebrities and were even interviewed on television by David Bailey. They were arrested in 1968 and were convicted a year later and both were sentenced to life imprisonment.

From an early age the twins were aware of breaking the law as their father Charlie went into hiding when he was called up for the army during the Second World War. Charlie travelled the country as a trader trying to avoid the law catching up with him. Later on in life the twins were called up for national services with the Royal Fusiliers but they deserted several times. On one of the last occasions they assaulted a police officer who was trying to arrest them. This landed them Shepton Mallet military prison. Interesting before they were sent to prison they were held at the Tower of London and went down in history as being among the last prisoners ever to be kept there.

Before they were called up for national service the boys got into boxing. Their grandfather got them into the sport. It is rumoured that they never lost one single fight before they became professional aged 19. There criminal record and dishonorable discharge put a stop to their life as boxes and it seems as a result of this turned to a life of crime. They started off by buying a snooker club and started a protection racket. By the end of the 50’s they had been involved in many crimes including hijacking, arson and armed robbery. Ronnie was sent to prison for 18 months in 1960 on charges relating to the protection racket and a number or related threats.

As the swinging 60’s evolved they became celebrity nightclub owners and were part of the London swinging scene. As their fame grew they were pictured with famous socialites, and actors and actresses from the world of show business. In Ronnies autobiography he stated “They were the best years of our lives. They called them the swinging sixties. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were rulers of pop music, Carnaby Street ruled the fashion world… and me and my brother ruled London. We were fucking untouchable…”

Throughout their life they were bullies and intimidating to people. Even as children at their first school, people who knew them were too scared to say anything to them. Towards the end of their criminal life they were getting too big for their boots and their crimes were getting out of hand and led to murder. Eventually in 1968 after a year of collecting evidence and talking to witnesses the police arrested the Kray twins with 15 other members of their so called “firm”. This led to more witnesses coming forward and the Krays and 14 others were convicted. The twins were both sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 30 years for the murders of Cornell and McVitie. At that time it was the longest sentences ever passed at the Central Criminal Court, London.

The twins were allowed out of prison to attend their mother’s funeral. But due to the amount of publicity it created they didn’t attend their father’s funeral a few months later. Ronnie died in Broadmore Hospital aged 61 on the 17th March 1995 after a heart attack. During incarceration, Reggie famously became a born again Christian and after serving more than 30 years was released from prison in August 2000 on compassionate grounds due to having inoperable bladder cancer.  A few weeks later he died aged 67.

Krays Tour

Here at BMT we offer you the unique opportunity to enjoy a great afternoon with with Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels actor Stephen Marcus, aka Nick the Greek.  On the tour you will get to see film locations from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Krays, Face, The Crying Game and Gangster No 1.  You will learn about some of the methods used by some of the most feared gangsters in 1950s and 1960s London such as the Krays and Mad Frankie Fraser who helped the twins ‘run’ the capital.  At the end of the tour you will get to enjoy a Q&A session with Stephen in a pub that was used as a location for Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The tour lasts for 2 hours and starts at the Blind Beggar pub which is 337 Whitechapel Rd, just a minute walk from the Whitechapel tube station.  The Krays tour ends at the Corner Shop pub on Shoreditch High Street.  The cost for the tour is £20 per person and the minimum age for this gangster tour is 16 years.  We also offer private tours where you will receive a signed photograph.

For more details and booking head over to this page:



The Movie Buff’s Guide to Islington, part 3 of 3

Islington has a rich history in film and is used in many modern movies. Jaime Pond, editor of Anglonerd magazine, has compiled three self-guided walking tours through this London borough: The Clerkenwell Tour, the Upper Street Tour, and the Highbury Tour. Whether you take the tours separately or all in one go, you better get your walking shoes on, movie buffs! (You can also take this tour virtually with Google Maps.)

Highbury Tour

Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed our tour of Upper Street. We’re going to pick up right where we left off to journey around Highbury, the birthplace of the late George Martin and the home of Mayor Boris Johnson, Nick Hornby, Jimmy Carr, and Mr. Bean (and also Rowan Atkinson).

At the top of Upper Street, past the roundabouts that gave Sally Hawkins trouble in Happy-Go-Lucky (2008), we see the footpath in Highbury Place leading to Highbury Pool & Fitness Center. Across the street was the setting of the opening scene in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011). You remember: Judi Dench is on the phone with the internet provider, looking out the window. “Is wireless the same as wifi? And what do either of them have to do with broadband?”

Dame Judi Dench must know Islington pretty well by now because if you follow Holloway Road, you’ll follow her straight into another movie: Notes on a Scandal (2006). Hers and Cate Blanchett’s “scandalous” teacher characters—Barbara and Sheba—do a little window shopping around Egerton Pharmacy (145 Holloway Rd), which is a chemist that is still operating ten years later.

Farther up Holloway Road, past London Metropolitan University, my old stomping grounds, you’ll see Holloway Road tube station on your left. Although nearly 110 years old, there haven’t been a ton of films shot here, but long before its 2008 refurbishment, Turn the Key Softly included a scene here. This is a 1953 movie about three women released from Holloway Prison. The prison is not in Highbury, but it’s nearby in Islington, so the fact that they are shooting at Holloway Road station is geographically accurate. Incidentally, you may be interested to know that Holloway is the name of one of the characters in Vincenzo Natali’s debut film, Cube (1997), because all of the characters in that movie are named after prisons.

Onward. Just beyond Biddestone Park (left), you’ll see 304 Holloway Road (right), where Joe Meek founded RGM Records and recorded Telstar, which bestowed on Meek no royalties based on the claim that he’d ripped off the tune from the Napoleon film Austerlitz (1960). However, shortly after Meek’s murder/suicide in 1967 in this very Holloway Road apartment, the court deemed this claim of plagiarism invalid.

Let’s loop around to Emirates Stadium (sometimes referred to as Arsenal Stadium). If you hang a right on Tollington, you can then take another right onto A103, which will lead you straight there, near the Thierry Henry statue. (You probably saw this football/soccer star on The Late Late Show with James Corden this past March, alongside Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.) Enjoy the stadium and pretend this is where the characters in Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch (1997) went to see a match, or where the big mystery took place in The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939). Then shake your head of this illusion because actually the Emirates Stadium wasn’t built until 2006. The original Arsenal Stadium used to stand where Highbury Square is today. Go have a look if you like, but I don’t know if you’ll recognize any of it.

Finally, let’s pop over across the train tracks to Highbury Terrace where Charles (Hugh Grant) lives in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). It is right here outside 22 Highbury Terrace that Charles (spoilers!) proposes to Carrie (Andie MacDowell) in the romantic yet torrential downpour of the final scene. What a perfect ending to our tour! Now get on up Holloway Road and catch the latest flick at Odeon Cinema.

Jaime Pond is the editor of She lives and works in New York City. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Sources: Lights, Camera…Islington! | Islington Film Locations Map |Black Cab London | | Islington Tribune

Can’t wait for Series 8 of Doc Martin? Take a Doc Martin Tour

If you’re a committed fan of the ITV show Doc Martin, no doubt you’ve watched the whole seven series with gusto. However, there were rumours that once Series 7 had finished its run, that meant the end for the socially inept doctor. Now we want to put your minds at rest, and confirm that there’s set to be another series, scheduled to be filmed in 2017, although this really is likely to be the last outing for the Doc and his friends.

Earlier this year the cast and crew of the popular TV show were invited to dinner by ITV bosses to thank them for their stellar work, which led to an all time ratings’ high of 7 million viewers for the series. When you think that that’s about the same number of viewers as received by Downton Abbey, you can see why the TV bosses were extra pleased. In fact they were so pleased that they announced there and then at the dinner that another series was on the cards.

Now popular on both sides of the Atlantic,  ITV probably had no inkling of how successful this show was going to be when it was first aired in 2004. However, Martin Clunes’ portrayal of Doctor Martin Ellingham , a doctor who can’t stand the sight of blood and whose bedside manner is dour, to say the least, has made the show into unmissable viewing for its legions of fans.

Despite its popularity, members of the cast, including Clunes, feared that the finale of Series 7 spelled the end of the show. They had the traditional wrap party, although they did notice a few subtle differences. For a start, the food and drinks were the best they’d ever experienced at an end of series party, plus the bosses organised a photograph of all the crew and cast together, another one-off occurrence. This set everyone thinking that the show had finally run its course, especially as the finale of the series had wrapped everything up nicely with no real loose ends. However, TV bosses know a good thing when they see one, and they decided to give the winner of a British Comedy Award for Best Comedy Drama, another lease of life.

Clunes, who plays Doc Martin, is nothing like his on-screen character, who’s deadpan, grouchy and curmudgeonly, but in reality is kind-hearted, warm and funny. Plus, he loves the fact that he gets to film in some of the most beautiful areas on the Cornish coast. The whole crew and cast decamp to Port Isaac for four months of the year, living and working together, just like one happy family, complete with four to five hundred ‘spectators’ every day, who are keen to catch a glimpse of the show being made.

However, if you can’t wait until 2017 to get your fix of Doc Marten, taking an organised Doc Martin tour is probably the next best thing. Imagine it now, joining a fully guided walking tour around Port Isaac, which doubles as the fictional seaside village of Portwenn. Located on the Atlantic coast of north Cornwall, it really is a beautiful place to visit. The tour includes all the main locations used in the show since it first hit our screens 12 years ago, such as the Doc’s house and surgery, the school where Louisa teaches and the pharmacy run by Mrs Tishell. What’s more, the tour itself is led by a local resident who’s also been an extra on the show so, of course, you’re bound to hear some show secrets and insider gossip.

Outlander is Back Again

Outlander is back again, well in a couple of weeks, but not long now! After its first season, the historical American-British time travel drama Outlander has garnered a whole lot of attention: and a whole lot of adoring fans. The Outlander series is a Starz original, and it’s been one of a few shows that has really injected some much-needed life into the premium cable network in recent years. The television series is based on the books written by Diana Gabaldon, and Caitriona Balfe stars as the show’s main character, Claire Randall. The book series was extremely thorough, so you can only imagine how in-depth the writing team had to get to make sure all of the best elements were pulled from the text for the small screen.

There were sixteen episodes in the first season, and that gave fans more than enough opportunity to get interested in the storylines. Almost right away, Outlander was becoming a huge hit and people were quickly becoming engulfed in all the drama. It doesn’t take long for you to realize that main character Claire used to be a nurse in World War II, and her life is about to get more interesting once she and her husband make a trip to Scotland for some sightseeing and exploration.

History begins to unfold in Claire’s life in a real way once she comes face to face with Jamie, an injured Scottish man whom she must heal with her combat medical skills. Over time they become very close, and their love unfolds for the eager audience, and they eventually become married. On the other side of her life, Claire’s husband lies in wait, hoping that she might come back to him one day after disappearing into thin air. Claire is torn between two worlds, being almost like a fortune teller with her knowledge of the things that the future holds for the cause she’s aligned with. She fights with all her might to make sure good prevails at the end of the day, and that’s one of the things most admirable about her character.

Season one ended with a crazy cliffhanger when Claire revealed to Jamie that she was with child, and the anticipation for the second season has certainly been buzzing ever since. Speculation about what Jamie and Claire’s child might be like started in almost instantly after the revelation, and news about the actress cast to portray their beautiful and wise daughter has finally broken. Brianna will be brought to life by actress Sophie Skelton, and it’s clear that she’s more than ready to take on her brand new role for season two. A few cool press photos have been released since the announcement was made, and Skelton seems to have the perfect look for Brianna already well practiced. Sophie has already donned the stunning red tresses that serve as one of Brianna’s highlighting features, and we cannot wait to see Brianna in all her glory once season two releases to the public.

Outlander has got to be one of the most anticipated shows of 2016, and we can’t wait to see what other surprises are waiting. The second season is just a few weeks away and premieres on April 9 on Starz and on Amazon Prime a day later.

Below is the latest trailer to wet your appetite! For those that want to visit the filming locations of Outlander click here.

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