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Visiting Emmerdale

Emmerdale is arguably one of the best-loved UK TV shows, and now it’s on 5 nights a week people can enjoy it more than ever. Although Emmerdale might be a fictional village the characters that we watch on our screen every night are really relatable and it is this that has helped it become more of the most watched things on TV. What many people don’t realise when they watch the show is that it isn’t a real village and instead is filmed on a purpose-built set in Leeds called the Harewood Estate. Don’t be disheartened though, just because it isn’t a real village as such doesn’t mean you can’t visit – in fact, visiting Emmerdale is very much possible and there is loads to see when you’re there!

Touring Emmerdale Village

Keen Emmerdale fans will know that there are a number of well-loved places within the village and if you do visit Emmerdale via a guided tour you’ll be able to see the exteriors of them all and the interior of many too! Depending on what you want to see and do while you’re there, the tour can take around 4 hours so it really does make for a splendid day out! It is worth noting that lots of the interior scenes are filed elsewhere (that’s the life of TV for you!) so you won’t get to see everywhere if you do an exterior walking tour.
One thing you can be sure of if you head out on an Emmerdale tour is that you’ll find plenty of things to see – for example, you could see Butlers Farm or head past The Wool Pack, where some of Emmerdale’s biggest storylines have taken place!

Classic Emmerdale

In the past Emmerdale has been filed over various locations, before it picked up in popularity and was moved to the purpose-built TV set that it is still filmed at today. However, you can go on a bus tour to see some of the classic locations including a drive through the market towns of Otley and Esholt, which will certainly look familiar to fans of the TV show.
As you might imagine, filming days are busy for everyone involved in the production which means that tours of Emmerdale tend to take place on days when filming is not taking place. However, if you’re a fan of the stars then you can book a tour on days with meet and greets with the stars – so you can meet your favourite characters at the same time.

Did You Know?

Did you know that when filming Emmerdale, unlike lots of other TV productions they actually use pints of real beer – although actors are discouraged from drinking too much! However, it isn’t just the actors that you have to worry about, there have been plenty of guest performances from well-known names too – did you know that Spice Girl Mel B once appeared in the soap?

Visiting Your Favourite TV Shows

If Emmerdale isn’t your thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tour of your favourite TV sets, because there are actually loads of options. For example, if you’re in or around Bath at any stage then you can head out on a Bridgerton Tour or if soaps are more your thing then Coronation Street tours are perfectly possible.
Don’t worry if you’re into more Hollywood blockbusters than you are TV shows because there are plenty of places to visit that tick these boxes too. For example, head to London and go on a Harry Potter tour or head to Ireland and go on a Game of Thrones studio tour. Whatever you’re into and whatever TV you like to watch, you should be able to find a tour that suits you and keeps you entertained for a good few hours.

Booking a TV Tour

With so many TV & film tours on offer, it can be hard to know what is best when it comes to booking the right tour for you. The first thing to do is think about what you would like to see – which productions do you find most fascinating? Once you have done this you can start to research what tours are on offer (we have loads) and seeing which you think will be the most fun! For example, you could head on a Mary Poppins tour in London or go on an unofficial walking tour of the city and see loads of Doctor Who filming locations. Everything that you have watched on the big screen has been filmed and made somewhere, so the chances are that if there is a location that you really want to see, there will be a way to make that happen – you just need to look up what is available and get yourself booked in for some serious TV fun.

Emmerdale Set Tour

Join the old Emmerdale village tour with other fans of the soap on our comprehensive tour.  This tour is perfect for the older generation of fans. This tour focuses on Emmerdale when it was first on TV from 1972-1997.

Click here for more details and to book the Emmerdale set tour.

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