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Stokesay Court Atonement Tour

For fans of Ian McEwan’s novel and the subsequent Oscar winning film you can take a guided tour of Stokesay Court in Shropshire and learn about the history of the house and its role in the Oscar winning film Atonement.

Your tour guide will take you through the same rooms used in the dramatic opening scenes of Atonement including the famous library scene. You will also be able to see some of the actual props used in the film at Stokesay Court.

Follow in the dramatic footsteps of (Briony Tallis) Saoirse Ronan, her older sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James Mcavoy) as we learn about the history and stories that have unfolded in this Victorian mansion.

Tours have to be booked in advance. Details of how to get to Stokesay are provided in the e-ticket when you book.

  • Get a guided tour of Stokesay Court used as the Tallis family home, by the current owner of the house
  • Enter the library at Stokesay Court where the famous love scene with (Cecilia) Keira Knightley and James Mcavoy (Robbie Turner) took place
  • Look out the same window where the young Briony (Saoirse Ronan) witnesses the scene between (Cecilia) Keira Knightley and James Mcavoy (Robbie Turner) next to the fountain
  • Stand next to the actual fountain at Stokesay Court where the broken vase was retrieved
  • See the actual letter that Robbie accidentally gives to Briony in the film


Tuesdays at 2.30pm – 17 Apr, 1, 15 & 29 May, 19 Jun, 10 & 24 Jul, 7 & 25 Aug
Saturday at 2.30pm – 9 & 30 Jun, 25 Aug

How Long?

Approx. 2 ½ hours

How much?

Adult (16+): £15     Children: This tour is not suitable for children

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