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Coronation Street’s Most Evil Villains

Coronation Street has been entertaining the nation since way back in 1960. Over the past six decades, it has introduced us to a string of villains who have committed all manner of heinous crimes on and around the cobbles. Let’s take a look at some of the evilest villains in Weatherfield history right now.

ALAN BRADLEY (1986 – 1989)


Portrayed by the late Mark Eden, Alan Bradley first emerged in 1986 as the father of Jenny Bradley, now known as Jenny Connor. The Weatherfield Security Systems owner attempted to suffocate his partner Rita after she found out he’d borrowed money against her home. He also attempted to rape his employee, Dawn Prescott. After he was released from prison, he headed to Blackpool to hunt for Rita. He died after being hit by a tram whilst chasing her across the tramline in one of Corrie’s most iconic scenes.

GEOFF METCALFE (2018 – 2020)


Former hospital radio DJ Geoff Metcalfe arrived on the cobbles in 2018, shortly before targeting divorced restaurant owner Yasmeen Nazir. The father of Tim Metcalfe continued to chip away at his wife’s confidence until she finally stabbed him in retaliation after he threatened to murder her. Metcalfe isolated Yasmeen from her friends and family, even staging a robbery to make her more dependent on him and installing CCTV around the house so he could view her every move. He even killed and served up her pet hen. It later emerged that Metcalfe had abused multiple women in the past including his ex-wife Elaine. He fell to his death in December 2020 after setting fire to Yasmeen’s house.

PAT PHELAN (2013-2018)


Sociopathic builder Pat Phelan is one of Corrie’s most infamous 21st-century villains. Characters terrorised by Phelan during his reign included the Windasses, including Anna Windass, who he raped and framed for causing GBH. He later murdered Luke Britton and Andy Carver, the latter of whom he’d kidnapped and kept in a basement for several months. He was stabbed to death by Anna in self-defence in June 2018.

RICHARD HILLMAN (2001 – 2003)


Richard Hillman was a businessman who attempted to drive the Platt family apart and tried to burn down Audrey Roberts’ house. He murdered Maxine Peacock after attempting to kill Emily Bishop. After Gail found out about his crimes, he drove the Platts into a canal, although he was the only character to meet his demise.

TRACY MCDONALD (1977 – present)


The character once known as Tracy Barlow may have softened over the years, but the daughter of Deidre and Ken Barlow became a murderer back in 2017, killing Charlie Stubbs after learning he had cheated on her. Steve McDonald’s then-girlfriend Becky lost her unborn baby after being pushed down the stairs by Tracey after she’d been released from prison on a technicality. In 2004, she conned Roy Cropper into believing he had fathered Amy Barlow with her.

DAVID PLATT (1990 – present)


Another character who has mellowed over the years after a questionable past is David Platt. Born on Christmas Day 1990, David once pushed his mother Gail down the stairs, attacked Ken Barlow and loosened the scaffolding Jason Grimshaw was working on, injuring him severely. After learning that Nick had slept with his wife Kylie, he caused a car crash which put his brother in a coma.

JEZ QUIGLEY (1997 – 2000)


Jez Quigley was a drug dealer who terrorised Steve McDonald and attempted to kill him in hospital before dying from injuries sustained from an attack by Steve’s father, Jim. In 1998, he had Natalie Horrocks’ son Tony murdered and left on a building site. He was attacked by Jim after the Irishman learned he’d ordered his gang to beat Steve up.

MAYA SHARMA (2003 – 2004)


‘Mad’ Maya Sharma was a villain who carried out a range of misdemeanours after Dev Alahan ended their relationship. As part of her revenge campaign, she planned to set Dev’s shops on fire, also kidnapping him and his partner Sunita hostage. In her final scenes, she drove into a wall before being hit by a truck. Surviving the incident, she was then returned to prison before a trial.

JON LINDSAY (1997 – 1998)


Jon Lindsay was a conman who duped Deidre Barlow into believing he was a successful airline pilot. His actions led to Deidre being sentenced to eighteen months in prison. The storyline captured the public’s imagination so much that it was even mentioned in parliament. Lindsay successfully convinced the court that Deidre had instructed him to carry out his fraudulent behaviour. However, Deidre was released from prison when his ex-wife provided new evidence.

KIRSTY SOAMES (2011 – 2013)


Kirsty Soames is the former partner of Tyrone Dobbs who was sent to prison after being found guilty of domestic violence. The couple has a daughter together called Ruby, who now lives with Fizz and her half-sister Hope. Her crimes including punching Tyrone and attacking him with plates.

Nathan Curtis (2016 -2017)


Nathan Curtis was an ex boyfriend of Shona Ramsey and part of the gang that were involved in grooming young girls in order to be pimped.  He sexually groomed Bethany Platt and even had a police officer mate Neil Clifton in on the ring.

Other infamous Corrie villains

These are just ten of the many villains whose crimes have shaken the Street over the decades. Other Corrie characters the nation loved to hate included underworld owner and killer of Rob Connor, Tony Gordon and David’s rapist, Josh Tucker. Villains that have recently caused misery on the cobbles include drug dealer Harvey Gaskell and Corey Brent, who killed Seb Franklin in May 2021

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